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The tasks such as text summarization, predicting next word in the sentence, language translation built traditional seq2seq models has major disadvantage of losing information from beginning of the sentence for each word we add. These sequence models primarily works on encoding and decoding of the sentence. So, for long sequence and very long sentences, the information will not complete at the end of the encoder. And when we want to predict the next words in the decoder, we could miss information that has been lost, especially information from the beginning of the sentence, due to which the model’s state at…

Summarize massive text data into a short, precise, and fluent summary that help us consume relevant information faster.

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The entire world is currently experiencing COVID-19 virus. Ever wondered what researchers have been finding of this virus? White House, in collaboration with other leading research groups, prepared COVID-19 research data set for the global research community to help in understanding more about the disease by applying AI and Natural Language Processing Techniques(NLP). This dataset also includes publications on SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses.

Going through each of the research paper from the dataset is not practically feasible as there are more than…

Here are the five key essential skills to be a successful data scientist.

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In present times, becoming a data scientist is much more expeditious by attending a couple of online courses and obtaining some certifications. However, to be successful in the data scientist role, one has to focus on critical skills that take data scientists to new heights in their career.

Able to convert the business problem to data-driven solution:

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